Angels On Call

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Audition Format

General Auditions
1) Scales/Arpeggios: We'll have you sing an ascending and descending scale and arpeggio capella, after we give you the first note. This is to test your vocal range and you'll be able to sing this on any syllable you'd like. 
2) Tonal Memory: We'll play a series of notes and have you sing them back to us. We will play it for this for you up to three times, and then have you sing it on your own, a capella. 
3) Chord Searching: We will play a chord for you and you will be asked to sing back the third.
4) Sight Reading: We'll give you sheet music, and after giving you the starting note, see how well you can sing it for us. Don't worry too much about this part because we can teach you if necessary after auditions!
5) Solo: This is your place to shine! Choose any song, any style, and prepare about 30-60 seconds of it. Choose a song that shows off your voice, range, skill and personality! You may prepare two pieces if you'd like. 
6) Survey/Photo: We'll ask you to fill out a brief application (posted below) just for basic information and also take your photo so that we can match face to a name later on when we review all our auditions. (We'll only use your photo for this purpose, and delete it as soon as auditions are over!) 

Call Backs: 
After General Auditions, we will extend invitations for call backs. By this point, we know you can sing; now we want to know how well you and your voice fits in with the group. Call-backs will be held much like a normal practice: we'll warm up with you, teach you some parts of our songs, and rock it out a capella style! 
We can't wait to hear you!